7 easy steps for kitchen tile planning

Thinking about renovating your kitchen tile backsplash but aren't quite sure where to start? Don't' be overwhelmed by the process. Here are 7 kitchen tile planning steps that will give you the structure you need to design in confidence.

Seconds: A Low-Cost Tile Alternative

Seconds tiles make perfect low-cost home and DIY projects. 3-4 sqft/box for $45. Purchase seconds online or at our showroom.

Medievals: Bas Relief Botanicals

These timeless, vibrant Arts & Crafts bas relief floral tiles take inspiration from medieval designs, yet work well in homes of any era.

In the Studio: Ceramic Peacock Tiles

Sometimes called fish scales, scallops, or teardrops, peacock tiles add character to a kitchen or bathroom. Choose from 30 colors.

Benefits of Bullnose Base Cove Tiles

Bullnose refers to a soft round top edge finish. The 'J' shaped bottom edge is called a Base Cove. It pushes water away from the wall and onto the floor tile.

Benefits of Base Cove Outcorner Tiles

A Base Cove Outcorner wraps around a corner to join the Base Cove tiles on two converging walls. They push excess water onto floor tile, away from the wall.

In the Studio: Making a Cosmic Hex

Watch our process for making cosmic hex tiles. We're currently developing a wide variety of patterns and colors. Stay tuned.

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